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A quite retreat in more than 100 years old colonial and historical Villa off the U Wizara Road.

Entering Yangon's newest eatery, House of Memories, is more like entering an old family home than a restaurant. In fact, it is, or was. The colonial-style building is well over a century old, with only a few noticeable renovations made in the last 10 years. "This building is the legacy of grandparents," says the son of the restaurant owner, Richie Nath. "It's been closed for a long time since Nath family lived here. I thought about renting it out, but I couldn't do it."

Aptly named, the restaurant is full of old Nath family memorabilia including photos and medals from Richie Nath's grandfather golfing day. They hang in one of six private dining rooms which all, at some point, served as bedrooms to Doctor ViJay Nath Kyaw Win family's member. Antique dressers and cabinets give the dining spaces a cosy feel. You could be forgiven for thinking you were visiting your own grandparents' house. Even the fans and bronze chandeliers have been preserved.

"The building is 175 years old and I want to show off the historical side of Yangon to tourists and at the same time introduce them to hygienic Myanmar food cooked to perfection".
"The same goes for local customers. They can relax here and listen to good music."

A piano sits near the bar counter, where music shows start at 8pm every night. Acoustic music is performed around the bamboo gazebos.The restaurant opened only a month ago and serves traditional Myanmar food along with Chinese and Western style dishes. It also offers a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.The coconut rice is especially good, though the sour and spicy chicken curry could have been a little more sour and spicy. Rice enthusiasts take note; House of Memories offers a huge variety of rice dishes including coconut, butter and sour rice that come with your choice for meat and vegetables. Traditional Myanmar salads like soy bean, bamboo shoot, and grilled eggplant are available. Prices range from K2200 to K8500 for all dishes.

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